Anti-ULEZ campaigner releases novel based on ‘real struggles’ of London drivers

A popular automotive influencer has written a novel centred around the creation and expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) which restricts polluting cars from being driven in London.

Shahzad Sheikh, better known to fans as Brown Car Guy, is a motoring journalist who gained a significant following due to his involvement in the battle against the rollout of the ULEZ throughout Outer London.

Writing under the pseudonym B.C. Guy, Shahzad noted that the novel, ‘The ULEZ Files’ is based on real life issues faced by many motorists in the capital.

He explained: “This novel, while entirely fictional, is born from the real struggles and stories I’ve encountered. It’s a narrative that I believe many will connect with, especially those who’ve felt the impact of ULEZ.

“My aim was not only to entertain but also to provoke thought and conversation on what the future of urban mobility and personal freedoms might look like the face of sweeping environmental policies. It aims to leave readers pondering the delicate balance between progress and liberty.”

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Set in 2026, ‘The ULEZ Files’ follows the life of Max Turner, a motoring reporter and YouTuber who discovers a conspiracy surrounding politics and motoring restrictions.

To help prevent ‘the war on motorists’, Max helps to raise awareness of new policies that could price drivers out of their cars and other forms of private transportation.

The story also looks at the impact that driving restrictions could have on residents of London, something Shahzad noted is a very real concern for many opposed to ULEZ.

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Nevertheless, Shahzad added that the novel is not only an attack on the controversial policy, claiming it is enjoyable for all car enthusiasts.

Much like Brown Car Guy himself, for example, Max Turner is seen on the book’s cover standing next to a classic BMW E30 3-Series from the 1980s.

He continued: “But, of course, it’s also a fun action romp across London, featuring iconic cars, spectacular car chases on the streets of London, explosions and outrageous action against real-world settings.”

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Whilst all vehicles can still enter London, petrol cars made before 2005 and diesel models made prior to September 2015 could be subject to a £12.50 charge per day they enter the capital.

Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn noted that, in October 2023, 96.4 percent of all cars in Outer London were compliant, a move that has helped to make the city compliant with clean air standards.

However, some motoring experts and MPs have stated that the rollout of ULEZ will badly impact poorer families in the capital who cannot afford a compliant vehicle.

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