Aston Martin DB5 would be perfect car to keep in dream garage, car lovers say

An Aston Martin DB5 (22%), and a Jaguar E-Type (19%), have topped a list of cars – that Brits would want to store in their dream garage, research has found.

An Audi R8, a Ford Mustang, and a Porsche 911, are also among the favourite models to house in the ideal car storage area, according to 17% of car enthusiasts.

And when it comes to the things motorists would most want to keep in their perfect garage space, a large tool chest for storage comes top of the list.

This was followed by space-efficient storage options, a fridge-freezer, a car charging port, and built-in drainage, so they can wash their car indoors.

When it comes to tools, a complete selection of hand tools was deemed essential, in order to carry out car repairs, or fine-tune their vehicle.

And the research, of 2,000 car enthusiasts, also found that they long for custom tool cabinets, a hydraulic car lift, and every socket wrench available. Naturally, a state-of-the-art security system would also be a must, in order to keep all these dream features safe and secure.

In light of the findings, eBay, which commissioned the research, has teamed up with design firm, Bindloss Dawes, to create a rendered image of the perfect garage space, based on the imaginings of those polled.

Laura Richards, for eBay UK, a seller of automotives, and automotive tools and accessories, said: “Garages were originally designed to house cars – but with vehicles getting bigger and bigger, they no longer provide enough space.

“This got us wondering what the perfect garage would look like now – specifically according to car enthusiasts, who spend their weekends undertaking car repairs and modifications. Respondents were not short of ideas, knowing exactly what they want from their ultimate motoring sanctuary.”

The OnePoll research found that the ideal garage would also have a full body workshop, ventilation for spray painting, a tyre changer, and an air compressor. And pleasingly for neighbours, 79% would want their garage to be soundproof, while 71% would ensure it was eco-friendly.

It wouldn’t just include car-related items or features, however – as a mini-kitchen, a jukebox, a pool table, and a bar with draught beer on tap, were also deemed as must-haves.

The study found that 58% of car enthusiasts already have a garage, with 22% of those spending three or more hours a week in the space.

However, 42% of garage owners feel their current outbuilding stops them from fulfilling their passion for cars. And as a result, 64% would consider moving house if it came with the “perfect garage” – paying 4.9% over a property’s asking price for such an amenity.

Laura Richards, spokeswoman for eBay UK, which has more than 60,000 car tool listings, added: “The study helps show just how important garages are to motoring enthusiasts. However, the findings also suggest many UK garages aren’t fit for purpose – at least as far as car fans are concerned.”


  1. A large tool chest for storage
  2. Space-efficient storage options
  3. A high-level security system
  4. A fridge/freezer
  5. A complete selection of hand tools essential for car repairs/fine-tuning
  6. Built-in drainage, so cars can be washed indoors
  7. A car charging port
  8. Super-fast internet
  9. A tyre changer
  10. An air compressor
  11. Custom tool cabinets
  12. Every socket wrench available
  13. Eco-friendly heating and air conditioning, to ensure cars are stored at the perfect temperature
  14. Task lighting
  15. A hydraulic car lift
  16. A mini kitchen
  17. A top-of-the-range car diagnostics tool
  18. A jukebox
  19. A pool/snooker table
  20. A vehicle inspection pit
  21. A bar, with draught beer on tap
  22. Voice-activated lighting
  23. A full body workshop
  24. Decorative lighting
  25. Discrete bicycle storage
  26. A cinema screen and projector
  27. Arcade machines
  28. A petrol/diesel pump
  29. Ventilation for spray painting/use of solvent-based products
  30. A wheel balancer
  31. Welding equipment
  32. A record player
  33. Engine hoists
  34. Plants
  35. Framed artworks
  36. The latest game consoles
  37. A La-Z-Boy recliner
  38. A Batcave-style turntable
  39. Professional-standard car paint sprayer
  40. Ergonomically designed seating

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