‘I’m a car mechanic – never change your engine oil before a certain mileage’

Without adequate care and regular oil changes a car will accumulate significant amounts of dirt and grit, causing friction around the engine.

Oil changes are essential for lubricating the engine and reducing friction in several key components that contribute to the wear and tear of vehicles.

In reducing friction, drivers will see drastic improvements in their fuel economy, helping them save significant sums of money in the long run. 

Experts at Progressive explain: “Regular oil changes improve your engine performance, extend its longevity, and help your car achieve its peak gas mileage.”

Complete failure to change the oil of your engine could cause it to shut down and warrant a replacement, which is a costly investment.

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Though this same advice is reiterated by many experts in the industry, the question of how often oil changes are warranted still looms large in the minds of many drivers.

Scotty Kilmer, a car mechanic with more than five decades of experience under his belt, has used his platform to clarify this exact question.

The video was posted in response to a question put by one of Scotty’s followers, who asked: “When should I do an oil change on a new car?”]

According to the expert, the need for oil changes over the years has drastically changed thanks to overall improvements in car manufacturing.

The expert noted: “Modern cars are different than older cars, I would just change the oil every five thousand miles and use a new GF-6 oil and an extended life oil filter and do it every 5,000 miles.

“If you don’t drive much, once a year. Because [of a build up] of oil and acid from burning oil and gasoline.”

The main reason this has changed over the decades is because metal and oil quality for cars have improved.

Though changing the oil of the engine will not harm the car, it will result in an unnecessary waste of money and resources for drivers.

Experts frequently say that giving your car oil changes too often won’t make the vehicle last longer or run better.

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