Adam Driver Says 'F— You' To Dumb Question About His Ferrari Movie

Before becoming an Academy-Award-nominated actor, Adam Driver served in the United States Marine Corps. Given his military background, Driver’s succinct response to a dumb question from an audience member during a screening of Ferrari at Poland’s Camerimage Film Festival was short, sweet, and satisfying.

“What do you think about [the] crash scenes?” a person in the crowd asked Driver. “They looked pretty harsh, drastic, and, I must say, cheesy for me. What do you think?”

“Fuck you,” Driver responded. “I don’t know. Next question.”

It’s the type of answer you can imagine Enzo Ferrari giving to someone asking a dumb question about one of his cars. Considering Driver is an actor in this film and not part of the special effects crew, the question seemed, at the very least, misplaced.

Driver stars as Il Commendatore in the new Ferrari biopic from director Michael Mann. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival in August. Since then, a press tour has taken the movie and select cast/crew members to festivals around the world, including this recent stop in Poland. The public premiere in the United States will happen on December 25.

Ferrari focuses on the automaker’s competition in the 1957 Mille Miglia and the struggles within Enzo’s personal life. The trailer shows wheel-to-wheel racing action against a Maserati and Enzo managing his relationship with his wife while having a mistress.

We look forward to seeing Ferrari because the story behind the 1957 Mille Miglia could be fascinating on the big screen. The race marked a tragedy and a triumph for the automaker, claiming first, second, and third place finishes overall. However, Ferrari driver Alfonso de Portago and his co-driver Edmund Nelson were killed in a crash that also claimed the lives of several spectators. The event became the final Mille Miglia as a competitive challenge for new vehicles. Today, it has transitioned to an outing primarily for historic vehicles.

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