Queen Elizabeth's 110,000 Mile Range Rover Is Heading to Auction

A third-generation Land Rover Range Rover with a unique history is now up for auction. It is a creation from the company’s Special Vehicle Operations designed for Queen Elizabeth II. Video footage shows Her Majesty driving the SUV, and now you can feel like royalty, too.

The 2004 Land Rover features some distinct modifications you wouldn’t usually find in its products. The rear doors each have two window switches so that one person in the back can operate both without leaning over to the other side. It also has grab handles for the rear-seat passengers that work with the side steps to assist with entry and exit.

The Epsom Green Range Rover has a Sand Hide interior that the Queen protected with front and rear seat covers. It also has a dog guard separating the passenger compartment and cargo hold with a cage. The SUV also has a modified front grille with covert lights and mudguards to help keep the Queen’s ride clean.

The car was first registered in 2004 in the UK. The vehicle has a comprehensive service history, undergoing its first in April 2005. It was recently serviced in July. It has nearly 110,000 miles on the odometer, with the company’s 4.4-liter engine residing under the hood. Land Rover rated it at making 282 horsepower when it was new almost 20 years ago.

There have been attempts to verify the vehicle’s provenance over the years, but Iconic Auctioneers has video footage of Her Majesty behind the wheel of the Land Rover, which it will share upon request. The SUV wears the same number plate – BN04 EPU.

Queen Elizabeth II died in September 2022 at the age of 96. She reigned for 70 years, becoming the UK’s longest-serving monarch. She was spotted multiple times driving herself, often behind the wheel of a Land Rover, although she was spotted in 2021 piloting a green Jaguar wagon around Windsor Castle. Her love of driving resulted in an outpouring of condolences from automakers around the world.

The live auction for the 2004 Land Rover will happen Sunday, November 11, at the NEC Classic Motor Show Sale 2023 in England. Check out the listing and gallery at the source link below. 

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