The Tatra 613 Mi Long Electronic Was Weird And Awesome In Many Ways

Tatra, a Czech automotive manufacturer that no longer builds cars, has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. Known for its distinctive and unconventional designs, the company gained fame for producing robust, rear-engined vehicles that defied traditional automotive norms. The Tatra 613 Mi Long Electronic, a variant of the Tatra 613, emerged as a pinnacle of the company’s engineering prowess in the late 20th century.

The unconventionally shaped sedan was introduced in 1975 as a luxury sedan, featuring a sleek and aerodynamic design that set it apart from its contemporaries. While based on a model from the mid-1970s designed by Vignale, the Tatra 613 Mi Long Electronic featured in the video at the top of this page had a heavily modernized interior compared to its predecessors. It was released to compete with the finest German luxury sedans at the time and came equipped from the factory with a voice notification system, which reported vehicle faults and other important messages.ย 

One of the most distinctive features of the car was its fuel-injected air-cooled V8 sitting on the rear axle. This particular vehicle was assembled in 1993 and features a 3.5-liter version of the V8 engine with an output of around 200 horsepower. Interestingly, the very same Tatra was listed for sale at $110,000 (2,500,000 Czech Koruna) earlier this year.

How does that machine feel like to drive? From the video, we can see that the transmission isnโ€™t exactly smooth to shift as the driver struggles to find the correct gear from time to time, especially when the engine and gearbox are still cold. The sound of the V8 at the back is unlike anything else though, creating a very unique experience behind the wheel. The suspension is soft but the car doesnโ€™t bend much in corners.ย 

Only 17 units were ever produced from this particular version of the car. It is probably safe to assume just a few of them are still alive and, as the reviewer mentions, this could be one of the last Tatra cars ever built. Count us huge fans of air-cooled V8s (pun intended) from now on.

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