Turn Your G Wagen Into An Overlanding Hero With This Drop-In Camper System

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is famous for combining off-road ability and luxury amenities into a boxy package. While we see plenty of tuned examples, they generally build off the SUV’s performance or rugged capability. This overlanding conversion takes a different approach, allowing up to three people to spend the night onboard.

This kit comes from the German company Terracamper. The biggest highlight is the unit’s modular nature, allowing customers to retrofit their G-Class without having to make any permanent cuts or holes in the body. It attaches into the rear of cabin via existing points, meaning if you want to convert your SUV back to stock, you easily can. The upgrade costs the equivalent of $11,866 (11,000 euros).

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The overlanding upgrade includes a slide-out kitchen from the driver-side rear door. It has a two-burner gas stove, a cupboard, and a cutting board for making meals. Opening the back door reveals a bench and a fold-out table. At night, this space converts into a bed. A water canister holds 5.28 gallons (20 liters), and there’s an 8.2-gallon cool box. A dry separation toilet is also among the amenities. Tight, yes, but functional.

The outside of this overlanding G-Class features a 270-degree awning so that travelers can enjoy some shade when they reach the campsite. The roof-top tent extends to provide additional sleeping space.

Terracamper offers some additional options for customers looking for more capability. There’s a 150 amp-hour lithium battery, solar panel, charging booster, and a monitor for the system. Other upgrades include LED interior lighting and an auxiliary heater.

This rig’s relatively compact size would allow for getting into tight places off-road, at least compared to larger, van-based overlanders. Plus, the two occupants in the front seats could enjoy all of the Mercedes’ luxuries. We reached out to the company about availability in the US, and will update this article if we hear back.

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