You Can Buy Anything From This Field Of Abandoned Classic Cars And Trucks

There’s a field full of around 30 awesome old cars and trucks that are slowly rotting away near Whitesboro, Texas. All the vehicles are for sale, but you might have to fight Mother Nature for some of them.

A tour of the facility by the Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classics YouTube channel shows pickups are in high supply here, and most of them are Chevys. The brand’s third-genย C/K series trucks go by the nickname “square bodies” and are highly collectible, with prices to match. A Hemmings story from 2021 puts average-condition prices at $16,000 to $18,000, and pristine examples can be $30,000 to $35,000. Bring a Trailer sales results show lots of them going for over $20,000. None of the models here are in great shape, but lots of them could make good parts donors or even a starting point for a rebuild.

There are lots of older Chevy trucks here, too, including a few going back to the 1950s. Like the third-gen vehicles, these models are also collectible. Unfortunately, some of them here are in rough shape, with many displaying lots of rust.

One of the more exciting vehicles in the collection is a 1960 Chevy El Camino. The one in this field lacks a front end, but there’s still a rusty cab and cargo bed. The image below shows the car-based truck’s appearance in better days. These models have the same sideways fins as some of the brand’s passenger cars from this model year.

A Mercury Capri (below) is another highlight of this collection. Unfortunately, the person recording doesn’t like this car as much as we do and walks by it several times. These cars gained popularity among enthusiasts in Europe but never caught on in the US, where Ford sold them through the Lincoln-Mercury dealer network.

Seeing cars and trucks rotting away like this always makes us wonder about their story. Whether in the 1960s or today, a new car is a significant investment for most people. It’s sad to see things that once made someone happy in this state of disrepair today. How many of the models were you able to identify? Which one would you take home? Let us know in the comments below.

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