Bentley Celebrates Sweet Success With Special Edition Honey

In the automotive industry, the race often goes beyond horsepower and aerodynamics. Automakers are expanding their horizons, delving into unexpected territories that go beyond the roar of engines. Bentley, renowned for its opulent cars, has taken a unique detour by entering the world of honey production, proving that luxury extends beyond the realm of automobiles.

Bentley’s journey into the world of bees began with the establishment of the Excellence Centre for Honey Production at its headquarters in Crewe. This initiative, part of Bentley’s ambitious Beyond100 strategy, aims to enhance environmental sustainability at the Pyms Lane facility. The center, now buzzing with activity, boasts 17 hives and houses over a million bees.

Gallery: Bentley Black Edition Label honey

The highlight of this sweet venture is the announcement of the fifth honey harvest, showcasing a special Black Edition Label honey. Over 500 jars of this delectable nectar were collected from the two oldest hives, initially installed in 2019. Bentley’s in-house design team has lent their expertise to create unique labeling for both the Black Edition Label and 1,000 jars of โ€œregularโ€ honey collected from the remaining hives.

“The delicious honey is very exclusive, and we do not sell it. Instead, it is gifted at corporate events, customer visits, and charitable causes, along with Colleague Reward and Recognition schemes and competitions. We find it is an exciting way to get people talking about the importance of ecology and the role pollinators play,” Sebastian Benndorf, Director of Production Planning at Bentley, explained.

Bentley’s honey initiative not only adds a touch of sweetness to their corporate image but also serves as a conversation starter on ecological responsibility. By engaging in unconventional ventures, automakers like Bentley are demonstrating that the road to success isn’t always paved with tires but can be sweetened with the hum of bees and the golden goodness of honey.

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