AEV Built A Bonkers GMC Sierra HD Work Truck With 40-Inch Tires, AT4X Parts

Does anyone remember when pickup trucks were work vehicles? Correction โ€“ does anyone remember when trucks were just work vehicles? These days, pricey pickups with gargantuan cabs and apocalypse-themed styling are often more about image than functionality. So when the folks at American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) shared photos of a curious single-cab GMC Sierra HD looking all rough and ready, it piqued our interest

Officially, this is the AEV GMC Sierra Grande Concept and it’s headed to this year’s SEMA Show. Built by AEV, it’s basically a GMC Sierra HD AT4X AEV Edition without all the bling. There’s no trick multi-function tailgate here, and actually, there’s not even a traditional pickup bed. The cab will fit just two people comfortably, and their backsides won’t be greeted by cozy leather seats. It’s a work truck, but one that looks like it could perform just about anywhere.

To be clear, the Sierra Grande Concept isn’t a stripped-down AT4X. It started life as a stripped-down 2500 HD single-cab long-bed truck, upon which AEV added the AT4X driveline components. That includes steering knuckles, control arms, and the Multimatic DSSV dampers, among other bits. The company then installs multiple skid plates and a set of Salta XD wheels wearing beefy 40-inch off-road tires. Combined with the 1.5-inch lift from the suspension upgrades, this is a work truck that looks supremely capable off-road. And yet, one doesn’t need a step ladder to reach the cab or bed.

Speaking of which, a simple eight-foot aluminum tray bed is mounted on the back. It incorporates a vertical tire mount for the spare, and in keeping with the needs of a work truck, the pickup features an on-board air system. AEV created a custom rear bumper outfitted with a winch, while at the front, AEV’s stamped steel bumper with another winch and a prototype brush guard clear the way. Four off-road lights are mounted on the brush guard, and the final touch is an AEV snorkel that feeds air to a stock 6.6-liter Duramax diesel under the hood.

Gallery: AEV GMC Sierra Grande Concept

It’s worth noting that AEV states this is a concept vehicle. As such, there’s no word on whether the company will offer upfit packages to Sierra HD trucks or even sell the individual parts. contacted AEV seeking more information, but our message wasn’t returned prior to publication. If we receive more details we will certainly share them here.

In any case, the Sierra Grande Concept will be at SEMA in Las Vegas. The show kicks off on October 31 and runs through November 3.

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