6 years and 9500 km with my Yamaha FZ25

The strong low-end and the midrange is addictive.

BHPian Samba recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Turns 6 with 9,500 km on the Odo.

Just 9,500 km in 6 years is a complete injustice to this bike.

The good part is, that it still brings a smile to my face whenever I ride this bike.

The strong low-end and the midrange are addictive. This bike turned out to be reliable.

Then there are some shortcomings too.

Eg, due to the soft front suspension, the cornering ability is compromised, the headlight illumination for night rides is pathetic, and the lack of the 6th gear and the poor top end is evident on the highway runs.

Despite of all these negatives, I still love this bike and there are no plans to upgrade. My limited usage simply does not justify upgrading this bike. Otherwise, I would have definitely upgraded to a twin cylinder by this time!

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