Hero Karizma XMR vs Yamaha R15 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF250 vs others

Other motorcycles in this battle include the Bajaj Pulsar RS200, KTM RC 125 and the Xtreme 200S 4V from Hero MotoCorp.

BHPian Ripcord09 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hero Karizma XMR

What you’ll like:

  • Massive brand recall as it was the first successful “sports bike” in India
  • Fantastic styling coupled with acceptable build quality
  • Value for money! We find the Karizma well-priced for what it offers
  • Powerful 210cc engine mated to smooth 6-speed gearbox with slip & assist clutch
  • Comfortable seating for both rider and pillion
  • Hero MotoCorp’s widespread sales and service network
  • Features such as adjustable visor, automatic headlamps, slip & assist clutch, dual-channel ABS, turn-by-turn navigation, USB Charger etc.

What you won’t:

  • Not as ground-breaking as the original Karizma. Might not live up to its legendary status
  • Market is dominated by competition. Hero needs to aggressively market this bike if they intend to get a breakthrough
  • Fairly neutral to ride. Not as exciting as some rivals
  • Small 11-litre fuel tank will limit touring range
  • Missing features such as riding modes, upside-down fork, traction control etc.
  • Available in a single variant only and just 3 colours
  • 6,000 km service interval is on the shorter side

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Here’s what BHPian DivyanshuDiv had to say about the matter:

My vote goes for Yamaha R15.

  • Entry-level sports bike with true racing DNA.
  • After-sales and service experience is superior.
  • Looks beautiful.
  • Great performance and fuel economy.
  • Fit and finish, parts and overall quality are superior than the competition.
  • Cheapest sports bike that you can own in India.

Here’s what BHPian Nikhildrao had to say about the matter:

I don’t understand this love for the SF250, it’s a very unremarkable motorcycle. Heck! even the SF155 is a far more enjoyable bike than the 250. The R15 V4 is in my opinion the best in the segment, and I put my money where my mouth is and actually bought it. Most people who voted for the SF250 won’t buy one if given the money. The arrival of Triumph, updated Duke 250 and the CB300 are objectively better. The ones who will tag it as a sports tourer, well, Suzuki has the V Strom 250.

Here’s what BHPian RD410 had to say about the matter:

  • Karizma XMR – a very honest attempt at resurrecting the legend. So many things done right and cleverly. VFM all-rounder, long term reliability needs to be seen. Also, a more premium edition with USD forks may be on the cards for next year.
  • R15 – For the asking price, it desperately needs more performance. It’s about time Yamaha increased R15’s displacement to 200cc and FZ’s to 160cc.
  • RS 200 – Bajaj is sleeping on this. Once a revered machine, has now been choked by BS6 norms. They gave all these updates to NS while neglecting RS on the other side.
  • Suzuki 250 – a good example of a well-engineered, all-rounder product. Also a good example of bad after-sales, service and spare support. It’s quite clear that it’s the 155 and not the 250 which is Suzuki’s favourite child.
  • KTM 125 – I don’t see any point in buying this bike unless you have lots of disposable income.
  • Xtreme 200S 4v – should be discontinued. Much better options like RTR200 & Pulsar 250 are available for the same price. Hero’s 200cc 4v engine is still not upto the mark in terms of performance and refinement. That engine is ok for an offroader like Xpulse, but not suitable for a street bike. Xtreme 210 is up for launch next year anyway.


  • Pulsar F250 – ultra smooth, refined, torquey, has more performance than any of the bikes in that price segment. With the new N & F series Pulsars, Bajaj has managed to beat Honda in refinement. You have to ride them to believe it. Its powerful LED projector headlamp, bezel-less infinity display and backlit switches lend it a very premium appeal at night. Should have been a massive success if not for Bajaj’s messed-up marketing.
  • CB 200X – overpriced. Typical Honda traits like refinement, light clutch, etc aside, the cornering prowess of this bike is amazing. It’s basically a Hornet with a comfy riding position, slightly softer suspension and better seats. That 184cc engine has good low and midrange punch. FE is good too.

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