New ID.X Performance hints at EV super saloon

Volkswagen takes ID.7 shackles off with 558hp all-wheel-drive concept

By PH Staff / Monday, 11 September 2023 / Loading comments

It’s fair to say that Volkswagen has been attempting to grab our attention of late when it comes to ‘performance-orientated’ electric cars. You’ve probably noticed. Just last week we had a preview of the first EV ever to be granted a GTI badge. Of course, now the final letter stands for ‘Intelligence’ (go figure) yet, regardless, the resulting heated-up ID2 is already an acknowledged part of VW’s future. The ID.X Performance concept you see here is also grounded in the real world – it points to the forthcoming ID.7 GTX – although clearly the firm has opted for a more ‘expressive appearance’ on the styling front. 

It likely felt this way because the show car was revealed at the ID. Treffen event in Locarno this weekend. ‘Treffen’ means ‘meeting’ and signifies the fact that it’s an enthusiast-led event – the enthusiasts in this case being chiefly made up of the ID. Drivers Club. So in much the same way VW used to push the boat out when Wörthersee was in full swing, so it must feel like now is a good time to embrace its fledgling EV following. Coincidentally, the pre-sales for the ID.7 started just a few days before. Who’d’ve thunk it, eh? 

Anyhoo, the ID. Performance does at least take a nice old-fashioned view of what excitable car buyers like. Cue the big wheels, arch extensions, slammed suspension, quite a lot more power than standard and, yes, a stuck-on rear wing. It’s fairly unlikely the concept is going to live as long in the memory as something like the Golf GTI W12-650, but with 558hp from an unspecified dual motor configuration (the standard ID7 is rear-drive, don’t forget) VW will probably feel like it’s done enough to lay the ground for the GTX, a model that’s likely to get a 400hp halo on top of its flagship status. 

Naturally, you won’t get a bespoke front spitter and rear diffuser made of carbon fibre, nor the 265-section Cup 2 tyres either. But upgraded brakes and suspension are almost certainly on the GTX goody list, albeit not with the ride height lowered by 60mm as it is here, and not with the toe increased by 80mm either. VW doesn’t bother going into performance figures, although you’d imagine the latest ID.X is sufficiently spirited to make good use of the carbon bucket seats it has installed on the inside. Hopefully enough to get the members of the ID. Drivers Club revved up. Apparently, it expected 130 cars for a new attendance record this year. Someway short of the 200,000-strong crowd they used to get at Wörthersee, then – but, as we’ve seen, VW is intent on (re)starting somewhere. 

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