$437,000 Porsche 912 With Carbon Body Weighs Just 1,541 Pounds

The short-lived 912 was Porsche’s entry point into the lineup by sticking with a four-cylinder engine instead of the 911’s larger six-cylinder. It was sold from 1965 and 1969 as Zuffenhausen’s cheapest sports car, serving as a direct successor to the 356. However, this custom 912c is anything but affordable since it costs โ‚ฌ400,000 ($437,000).

Built by KAMM in Hungary, the Porsche 912c adopts a full carbon fiber body kit to shave off more than 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of fat. The restomod now tips the scales at a remarkably low 699 kg (1,541 lbs) and can be had with an exposed weave or a painted body. This draconian diet brings another benefit as weight distribution is now at nearly 50:50.

Porsche 912 by KAMManufaktur

If you happen to have a Porsche 912 in the garage, KAMM will only charge you โ‚ฌ360,000 ($393,000) for the build. That’s still a lot of dough for the “poor man’s 911” but the Hungarian 911 specialist does a complete overhaul of the car. It installs a larger 2.0-liter engine that revs to 7,200 rpm and boasts electronic fuel injection as well as throttle bodies. The air-cooled four-pot produces 190 hp, more than doubling the original output of the smaller 1.6-liter mill inherited from the 356 SC.

New for 2024 are aerodynamic tweaks, improved air conditioning, better audio and phone connectivity, and new seat options.

The 912c is also available in a semi-carbon configuration that weighs 750 kg (1,653 lbs). It costs โ‚ฌ360,000 ($393,000) or โ‚ฌ320,000 ($350,000) if you supply the donor car. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in early 2024, and KAMM promises there won’t be two identical cars.

Porsche built nearly 30,000 coupes and around 2,500 Targas during the 912’s five-year run but it’s unclear how many have survived in the 60 years that have passed.

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