This Lamborghini Urus 6×6 Has All Six Wheels Motorized

Lamborghini is currently working on a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the Urus but we stumbled upon a very different kind of hybrid Urus. This one doesnโ€™t have any electrification and instead combines its twin-turbo V8 with a six-wheel layout.

This beast has been showing up briefly online over the last few weeks and a new short video on YouTube finally gives us a closer look at the project. It is a heavily modified Urus with three axles and six wheels. Possibly the weirdest part is that thereโ€™s no open cargo bed at the back like a truck but a fully enclosed area with a rear hatch. The build looks almost completely finished at this point, aside from a few visible touches behind the rear wheels that could probably be painted in body color.

But thatโ€™s not just an elongated Urus with six wheels. Many exterior components are exclusive to the SUV, including that brutal rear diffuser, the additional lip spoiler on the roof, and the extended wheel arches. Those wheels arenโ€™t stock either.

The big question here โ€“ who built it? The credits go to a company called South Florida Jeeps, which is responsible for the six-wheeled behemoth. If that name doesnโ€™t ring a bell, it is the same one that also makes Wranglers and Broncos with six wheels (see the related links above) under its Apocalypse Manufacturing brand. We reached out to the aftermarket studio and got some juicy details.

The most important thing everyone has been asking about is whether those two extra wheels at the back are actually motorized. Apocalypse Manufacturing confirmed to us the second and third axles work in tandem, making the Urus an even more capable machine on and off the road. Any engine modifications to talk about? The company told us no tweaks were made as the stock 4.0-liter mill was potent enough with its 641 horsepower.

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